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    Little River Real Estate

    Little River has all the charm of a small town while being only 10 minutes to the beaches of Cherry Grove and North Myrtle Beach.  The area is made up of old scrub forest, marshes and swamps. With beautiful live oaks, Spanish moss and palm trees dotting the landscape. Little River is a perfect place to find a home. 

    Water Sports in Little River
    If you love water sports you will want to buy a home IN Little River SC

    It is bordered by the Waccamaw River and Atlantic intracoastal waterway giving way to an abundance of water activities: boat tours, fishing charters and tours, dolphin and whale watching, and so much more.  

    Little River got its start as a small fishing village that was a popular trading post that dates back to the 1700s.  This beautiful area has had a colorful history; It was a very popular harbor to pirates and bootleggers alike.  If that is not exciting enough there are also stories of rum runners in the area do to the ease of loading and unloading goods and quick escape routes.

    For all the history lovers, Little River also played a part in the revolutionary war. Since it was such a busy trading post news always traveled fast making Little River on of the first areas to receive news of the opening fire of the Revolutionary War in 1775.  The area was a seat of Patriot support during that time!

    Tranquil Vereen Gardens
    Tranquil Vereen Gardens

    Holding strong in the Civil War, Little River was a local center for Southern blockade runners.  Federal warships patrolled the coast to prevent shipping in and out of South Carolina. To defend the port of Little River, Confederate forces built Fort Randall, an earthen artillery battery which is located today on private property at Tilghman Point. This proved to be devastating to local salt works and a large store of cotton when a raided in 1863.

    Tucked in this serine area is the Vereen Memorial Gardens were you can explore the tidal march, intracoastal waterfront, and take in the breathtaking views and wild life.  La Belle Amie Vineyards with their amazing wine tasting and beautiful grounds is a must see while visiting the Little River Area.  Both are great ways to keep everyone busy while learning a little something along the way. After relaxing in the vineyard spend the night cursing the Atlantic Ocean on the local Casino Boat, taking a chance with lady luck.  


    Oyster Wishing Tree Vereen Gardens
    Oyster Wishing Tree Vereen Gardens

    If the relaxing outdoor hikes  and wine tastings are not what you are looking for, there is no shortage of great festivals to attend throughout the year! The Blue Crab festival has been held in May every year for the past 30 years and is a local favorite. The festival boast an assortment of  local arts and crafts, live music, and a vast amount of sea food.

    The Shrimp festival follows close and again gives festival goers a array of food, crafts, and live jazz that makes spending the day by the water that much more fun.



    Local Shopping:

    Both Food Lion and Lowes Foods are close by for grocery convenience!

    Restaurants :

    There is such a verity when it comes to dining out in Little River. You have everything from Mexican at  Casa Villa, Italian at Chianti South and Pizzeli’s Italian Oven, Seafood at Crab Catchers on the Waterfront and Capt. Juel’s Hurricane restaurant.

    You can also find Fine dining, Breakfast spots, and Irish Pubs!