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    Your House is Trying to Kill You

    How to avoid the most common hazards around the home.

    You should feel comfortable and safe in your new home, put the kids to bed, lay on the couch and read a book or watch Netflix. Home is your safe place

    Maintaining your home and its systems is a crucial part of homeownership. If you neglect your home it can make you seriously ill, and in rare cases kill you.

    Here are five ways your home could harm you and your family, and some advice on how to keep these hazards from affecting you and your loved ones.

    1.) Asbestos

     Up until the mid-twentieth century asbestos was a commonly used building material. It was then determined to be a very dangerous carcinogen that can cause mesothelioma. Builders are no longer allowed to use asbestos when building a home, however. In older homes, traces of it can still be found.

     If your home was built before the 1980s seek the advice of a professional before you start knocking down any walls or conducting major renovations. The latency of mesothelioma cancer can be years so you may not know you’ve caused any problems until later in your life.

    Working with asbestos is a very dangerous task. It should only be worked with by professionals.


    2.) Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Carbon Monoxide poisons thousands of people each year. It occurs when your environment has too much carbon monoxide in it. It runs through your blood and can cause tissue damage or even death.

     The most common causes of carbon monoxide are any appliance that use gas, such as stoves and water heaters. Wood burning stoves where the chimney is not cleaned out completely can also be a source of carbon monoxide.

     To avoid carbon monoxide ventilate areas and thoroughly clean any heat source yearly. Carbon monoxide detectors are inexpensive and should be placed close to any heat source.

    3.)  Mold

     Not a pathogen mold is an allergen that you definitely don’t want in your home. Black molds like Stachybotrys love moisture and concentrate in areas where any food source is present. A food source could be skin cells, paper, waste or actual food.

     An early indicator that you have mold in your home is an earthy musty smell.  Keeping your home dry and well-ventilated especially when using any water, such as taking a shower will help prevent any incidents of mold.

     If you do find black mold in your home,  please contact a professional who can safely remove and eliminate the mold and any water sources that are feeding it.


    4.)  The Bathroom

     Yes every home has a bathroom. Ranked as the most dangerous place in the home, tile surfaces become very slippery when wet and can cause falls.  Causing broken bones and in extreme cases death. 

     5.) Laundry Room

     Everyday people die from house fires. Everybody knows that a stove, space heater the fireplace if used incorrectly can cause a house fire. However nobody ever thinks of the tumble dryer,  dryer lint collects in the dryer and becomes an electrical fire starter, and is the number one cause of house fires in the USA.

    Be sure to remove lint regularly and conduct a complete cleaning at least once a year. 

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