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    Moving Day! Hire a Mover Or DIY ?

    Moving day


    If you’re like me when you made the decision to move house, you probably started to pack before you even found your Myrtle Beach Realtor.  If you’re like my wife and kid,  you have in a rather strange move,  started to buy more things and unpack the xmas decorations we have never used and sorted them by “cuteness” or by which one twilight sparkle would like the most. ( that’s a my little pony joke)

    Moving homes is one of the most stressful things you can ever do. I know it was when we moved less than 8 miles away, never mind the 1000’s of retirees seeking a warmer climate, lower taxes and a more relaxed way of life. Just remember guys the juice is worth the squeeze.

    So it really is a big decision, should you hire a pro or roll up your sleeves and lug some boxes? You may be thinking this is a no brainer… whichever way you lean. The final decision will need to take a lot of things into consideration and at the end of the day, all depend on your resources and your priorities.


    Ok, what are my options?

    1.) You can hire the guys. Normally young college students who will come to your house, get everything in a truck, drive it to your new home, unload and leave. That’s the most basic option but a lot of moving companies now offer packing and unpacking services. Of course for an additional fee. This leaves you free to stand around drinking martinis and ordering people around like the royalty you are.  *Crown Optional. 

    2.) DIY, or what we have dubbed the pizza and beer method. You beg, borrow or steal  *cough* RENT a truck from u-haul, uncle Steve or the kid down the street. If you will be renting a truck make sure to always rent one way bigger than you think you will need, nothing is worse than doing multiple loads. The general premise is that you are the moving crew, you and 5 of your best buddies (you really find out who your friends are when you move) are the moving crew. Then the social contract dictates that you reward them after a LONG hard sweaty day with copious amounts of beer and pizza.  This could potentially save you a bunch of money unless we have some of the same friends and you’re now broke.


    3) Pods. It stands for ( we asked them. see above) … well, nothing really. Basically, a nice man on a truck delivers a shipping container or 2 to your home and at your leisure, you fill them up. At which point he comes back and picks it up and its transported to the driveway of your new home ready for you to unpack.  If you’re moving any distance surely this has to be the winner.

    WWRD? ( What Would Rob Do?, it’s not catching on like I hoped) well let’s look at some of the other things you could consider if you should do it DIY or Hire the guy?

    1.) How much stuff do you have?
    It’s amazing how much stuff you can collect over the years. The pros will come in and pack it all away and spend no time decluttering at all. Doing it yourself does give you the opportunity to declutter. Last time we moved I think we got rid of more stuff then we moved. Seriously do you really need your snowshoes if you’re moving south? Maybe time for a garage sale, you could use the funds to pay the movers!!

    2.) Distance
    If you’re moving across town, hiring a truck and driving will not be as stressful as a 10+ hour slog in a truck from Rochester to Myrtle Beach. This is when a pod or other shipping company could come in very handy.

    3.) Cost
    A cross country move can be expensive, but as we discussed before 5 of my buddies fulled up on Pizza and Beer is not cheap. They are also slow lazy and middle-aged like me. #dadbod

    4.) Capability
    I’ve got a bad back. Lifting my 70lb 8 year old is tough. My wife’s antique china hutch that weighs as much as a small sedan that we never use needs a small army of hardened sherpa’s to move any further than 3 ft.  Im just not capable of doing it alone, in my opinion, better to get the college kids in.

    5.) Time & Stress
    Working? Kids? Pets? Fighting with your wife about which Xmas decoration twilight sparkle would want to keep!!!! If this move to Myrtle Beach is your retirement why not start off on the more relaxed foot and enjoy the downtime.

    So …. probably more confused than when we started? me too.

    1.) Moving across town? It’s your call.

    2.) Moving from New York to Myrtle Beach? Hire the guys

    I’m never doing it again, it’s hot here, stuffs heavy and it takes way to long. We like a local company here in Myrtle Beach Umove . Give them a call (843) 259-2631 they haven’t let us down yet and we do this a bit 🙂


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