Get Organized! Garage Edition

If your house is overflowing or you just need more storage, the answer might lie in your garage. However, before you can make the most of this area, you must address the chaos. A well-thought-out garage storage strategy maximizes this important space while keeping all of your essentials close at hand. Thankfully, including a few clever storage solutions makes this a reasonably straightforward chore. You can turn your garage from a cluttered dumping ground to a functional, well-organized household extension with some careful planning and work.

Where to Start

First and foremost, get rid of whatever you don't need. Sort the items in your garage into groups after you've whittled down the contents. Garden tools should be kept in the garden, while sports equipment should be kept in the gym. Items that are often used together should be kept together in the same place.

Containers that can be stacked are especially helpful. They keep your items clean, keep insects and rats at bay, enhance useful floor space, and reduce clutter. Similar products should be placed in transparent plastic containers with lids wherever feasible. Use opaque containers if you like, but make sure to name each one. 

On the Floor No More!

Getting items off the floor is the key to garage storage and organizing. Utilizing wall space allows you to maximize the amount of storage space in your garage while keeping everything visible and accessible. Your storage demands, project budget, and personal tastes will all influence the type of wall storage you select. Here are a few storage solutions:

Open shelves 

Whether in the form of a wall-mounted track system or a series of standalone units, are inexpensive, adaptable, and user-friendly, and they keep everything in plain sight. Furthermore, 12- or 16-inch-deep shelves can usually accommodate larger goods depending on their structure.


Closed storage means you won't have to come face to face with paint cans and waste bags every time you leave or go home, which is ideal if you want to keep your car in the garage. Cabinets come in a variety of materials and designs, but they are often more expensive than alternative options. Cabinets are most useful when used in conjunction with other storage options since they cannot store very large objects.


Pegboard has been a long-time favorite since it is affordable and simple to set up. Pegboard may be used to store and organize just about anything, as long as the object to be stored isn't too heavy, because it can be furnished with a variety of appropriate hooks, clamps, bins, and shelves.


Panel systems

Entire walls are covered with specifically designed panels that may accommodate a variety of accessories like hooks and shelving. Panelized systems, unlike pegboard, can carry heavier objects. However, the strength and utility come at a price, especially because certain patented items require the installation of qualified personnel.

Ceiling Storage

The ceiling provides perfect, out-of-the-way storage space for some seldom used things. Ladders and other seasonal items can be suspended from the ceiling joists with clips or straps. Alternatively, hoist pulley systems, which work similarly to window blind ropes, can be used. Keep in mind that ceiling storage must be positioned so that it does not obstruct the garage door's functioning.


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