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    8 Tips You Can’t Forget Before a Bathroom Remodel!

     Amanda Jones, Realtor

    Right Find Homes Team

    When it comes to remodeling projects, bathrooms are almost always at the top of the list. According to ​a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, the bathroom has become more popular than the kitchen when it comes to choosing a room to renovate. It makes sense though seeing how you can recover up to 60% of your costs based on Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report.

    It seems easy enough, it’s a small space to take on a project and all you really need is a sink, a tub and a toilet right? Truthfully, there’s countless ways this simple remodel can go down a horrific path if careful pre-planning isn’t done. You don’t want your bathroom remodel pictures to end up going viral for all the wrong reasons! According to Jamie Wiebe from, there are 8 crucial components that are all too often forgotten by the DIY’er when it comes to a bathroom remodel.

    1. Future Buyers

    As tempting as it may be to choose that trendy yellow tile in the latest Home & Garden magazine, you should stop and ask yourself if it feels too trendy. If you ever plan on selling your home, it’s important to stay with more timeless colors so not to turn away any future potential buyers.

    Paint color is important as well. If your intent with the bright colored paint scheme is to add a “pop” of color, you might be disappointed when you finish and realize the walls are now the star of the show! You don’t want to take away from fixtures and accents like the tile, vanity and countertops. The goal is for the paint to be subtle and tie in all of the elements of the room so sticking with more muted and gentle shades of any color is the way to go!

    2. Room to Clean

    Death, taxes and a dirty bathroom; these are all things that can’t be avoided in life but if you could make cleaning the bathroom easier on yourself then why wouldn’t you? Here’s your chance! With a little pre-planning you can save yourself a ton of work later by giving yourself more room to scrub those dirty floors.

    Diane Boyer, a respected designer, recommends you leave at least 4 inches in between your vanity and any walls or tubs on either side. She says “deep, open spaces become dirt traps” and everyone knows that a bathroom can collect all types of unwanted things in hard to reach places. Take the extra steps during the planning phase to ensure that you’re leaving enough room to clean those spaces without having to look like you’re trying out for the Olympic Gymnastics team.

    3. Ventilation

    Trapped odors are bad enough in any room but funky bathroom smells are the worst! Airing out the bathroom can be challenging so proper ventilation is important when remodeling your bathroom. Don’t assume that the one window will do the trick either, trapped moisture after a steamy shower can be all it takes to cause mold and mildew growth.

    Making sure you select a high quality exhaust fan should get the job done, however be very sure the exhaust fan you chose is large enough for the space. Obviously correct measurements are important but sharing those measurements with a knowledgeable sales associate who specializes in bathrooms and ventilation will help ease your mind, and your nose, when your bathroom is completed.

    Thinking of selling your home or need help staging give Amanda a call today at 843-315-5595

    4. Potential Leaks

    One of the scariest scenarios as a homeowner is water damage. Whether it’s a slow, hidden drip or a sudden fountain of water, the damage can rack up repair bills quickly! Since the bathroom is obviously the wettest room in the house, it’s important to take every preventative measure you can while planning your bathroom remodel.

    One common misstep is sealing. This step may seem minor and even though it doesn’t involve years of apprenticeship to get the job done, it does require attention to detail. For example, the modern glass shower design is a popular choice but the shower head can leak down underneath the glass shower door and cause a major problem without you even realizing it’s happening. Take the time to seal everything carefully and keep a check on those places over time to ensure they don’t need touching up!

    5. Storage

    Remodeling your bathroom will definitely add appeal and possibly even value to your home, but unless you’re literally adding square footage, the renovation won’t suddenly add tons of storage unless you plan for it! It’s one of the smallest rooms in the house yet needs to hold the most “stuff”. Since Sam’s Club and Cosco are all the rage these days, you need to think about where you will store those 32 rolls of toilet tissue and 12 bars of soap.

    As glamorous as your new bathroom may be, it needs to be functional as well. Making sure that you add storage for that toilet tissue in an easy to reach space and not forgetting creative shelving and cabinetry options that are available these days will make you and your family enjoy your new bathroom for years to come!

    6. Lighting

    The importance of lighting cannot be stressed enough! Whether it’s morning makeup routines, beard trimming or just wrinkle spotting, perfect lighting is essential and you can never have too much. Make sure that whatever lighting you choose though is strategically placed so that you’re illuminating you, not the ceiling!

    When selecting the right lighting for your new bathroom, make sure you chose more than one type of light. That one light bar above the vanity mirror just doesn’t cut it! You will need a variety of lights so the space is well-lit for any need. Don’t forget about the shower space as well. With all the new lighting options available you don’t want to skimp out on the lighting where slips and falls are the most prevalent. Light it up!

    7. Flooring

    Speaking of slips and falls, choosing the right flooring can save you a ton on your hospital bills! To save yourself that trip to the ER, make sure the flooring you fall in love with is “non-slip” flooring. There are many styles and designs of tile in stores making it overwhelming so don’t be afraid to ask for help. A knowledgeable associate should be able to point you in the right direction so that you can see for yourself the difference between regular standard flooring and “non-slip” flooring. You won’t be disappointed you did!

    8. Toiletry Needs

    Before construction on your bathroom begins you need to carefully think about where certain necessary items will go. The last thing you want to happen is realize you can’t reach the toilet tissue holder when you are breaking in the new bathroom for the first time!

    Make sure that towel racks and toilet tissue holders are placed in easy to reach spaces that won’t be awkward to reach. You want your new bathroom to be a destination, an oasis..not an obstacle course! Again, taking the time to plan ahead for these little details will provide the right look and feel for your newly remodeled bathroom.

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