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    7 Free Staging Tips The Pro’s Use

     Amanda Jones, Realtor

    Right Find Homes Team

    One of the first things a homeowner wants to know when placing their home on the market is how fast we can get it sold. The truth is the house sells itself, either the buyer wants it, or they don’t. So, what can you do to help the house sell more efficiently?

    Staging is a fantastic place to start but let’s face it, the last thing you want to do right now is sink a ton of money into a house you’re trying to sell! Potential buyers will imagine your home being their own only if they’re able to see past it being, well…yours. Whitney Coy, from, has named 7 ways you can stage your home that won’t cost you a dime!


    The first step is always the hardest right? This is no exception, you must start with removing everything in your home that makes it yours.

    The photos, the kid’s drawings on the fridge, that sacred wedding portrait on the wall, the trophy on the mantle, anything that basically has memories and family attached to it needs to go.

    Remember, you are not losing these precious keepsakes, just relocating them to a new home so go ahead and start now


    You want the potential buyers to come into your home and see the details of the home that make it unique and clutter makes that impossible.

    Old magazines, piles of mail, knickknacks and collectibles are all items that are distracting and need to be packed away pronto!

    3.Extra Storage

    Over time you get creative with how you store the items you have accumulated. The convenient over-the-door hanger in the bathroom for all those accessories, the extra shelf racks in the cabinets and the 10 different (but matching) totes and organizing containers that are spread out over the house.

    This extra storage is what keeps your busy lives feeling more organized but it’s also what keeps buyers from seeing a blank slate, a fresh pallet which is required for them to see their belongings in the home. 

    Pack up these things being creatively stored and get them into a storage area and you’ll realize when it comes time to move, all that packing has already been done!

    Thinking of selling your home or need help staging give Amanda a call today at 843-315-5595

    4.Deep Clean

    No matter how much of a neat and clean person you are, there is always deeper cleaning that can be done just because your home is where you live. Over time you grow accustomed to some areas that may need some attention, but it happens over time so it’s harder to notice.

    The kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas should be where you focus most of this elbow grease. Invite a friend over to help you, not only can you get the job done quicker but it allows a fresh perspective that may notice some details that you overlooked!

    5.Rearrange Furniture

    Whether it’s a sofa pulled to a certain angle to stop the glare on the TV or if it’s that table you have pushed over so you can reach it easier, you must think differently now.

    A home that has furniture that creates barriers or stops the flow of a potential buyers view of a space can have negative effects. Make sure your home is staged and always open house ready, especially when photos are being taken for marketing

    6.Light it Up

    Now that your home is clutter-free and had a deep cleaning it’s time to shine some light on it! If you have drapery or blinds that are designed to keep light out, make sure you have removed them or pulled them back to let natural light in.

    Natural lighting is your friend, don’t be afraid to substitute that light in whatever space may need some help. A dark room can be dreary and not inviting. Make sure the lighting you are adding in a space is soft, stay away from the “office” look and watch how it can change the entire feel of a home.

    7.Reduce your Furniture

    Just like clutter and storage, you have likely accumulated a variety of furniture pieces. If you have extra pieces of furniture in your home, it’s best to remove them and open the space.

    Too many furniture pieces in a room will make the space seem smaller than it is, and will can cause the potential buyer to not be able to imagine their own furniture in the home.


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