5 Relocation Tips When Moving to a New Area

Moving to a new area can be difficult and stressful. It’s important to know what to do when relocating to a new area. Here are 5 tips to help you during relocation. 

moving boxes for someone buying or selling a home

1. Find a Trusting Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent is key in making sure your relocation process goes smoothly. One way to do this is by asking for a referral to the area you are looking to move to from your current local real estate agent. Real Estate agents make trusted referrals and connections with other agents across the country. This can help you make sure you are receiving the best care in the area you are looking to move to. Referral agents often hold the same values and conduct business in a similar manner to the agent in their network. Make sure you talk to your real estate agent about what your wish list includes. This will help give your agent a better idea of what you're looking for so they know what properties best fit you and your family's needs.

2. Do Your Research

It’s extremely important to do some research on your own before making the move. If you are relocating for a job you’ll want to know where it is so you can explore that area more. You will need to decide what is most important for you before moving. Take into consideration schools, commute time, walkability, crime rates, density, and recreational activities nearby. This will give you a better idea of where to start looking for a home.

3. Plan a Visit

Plan a visit to come down for a short trip to experience what life as a local would be like. Explore the city and the surrounding area and get a feel for what you enjoy the most. Stop by communities you are interested in. Walk around and get to know the neighbors and what the community offers. Explore the nearby schools, restaurants, entertainment options, and more to really give yourself an idea of what life as a local would be like. This can help make sure you are in an area that you will enjoy and make your relocation much easier.

4. Pack Light

Packing up your home can be stressful and time-consuming. It can be overwhelming to pack everything up yourself and move it to your new home. Relocating is the perfect time to downsize on things you don’t need. Focus on what items are the most important to you. Donate or sell the remaining items that you aren’t able to take with you. If you have a large amount of stuff to sell try holding an estate sale. An estate sale can be a great way to make extra money before your move and help take some stress off of you.

5. Transfer Utilities Before You Move

 After a long trip to where you’re moving it would be stressful to get there and not be able to turn the lights on or buy groceries for a cooled fridge. Before making the move, be sure to call the utility providers in your area. Your real estate agent will be able to help you find the local providers and tell you a date you can schedule the utilities to be turned on. Be sure to change your mailing address as soon as possible so your mail can be forwarded to your new address. 

Moving to a new area can be an overwhelming task for many people. Making sure that you have the right resources and information needed will ensure you a stress-free moving experience. If you are struggling with any part of the relocation process, reach out to your local real estate agent for assistance. Happy moving!

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